*This Event is Cancelled*


9:00 am East Coast & Central Networking

10:00 am Case Study: Analyzing Effective Cross-Trade Communication Methods to Promote Smooth Workflow

10:30 am Leveraging BIM to Identify Advanced Prefabrication Opportunities, with a View to Reducing Onsite Labor

11:00 am Communication with Fabrication: Reviewing Streamlined Design to Prefab Workflows to Reduce Wasted Time

11:30 am Audience Discussion: Leveraging BIM to Maximize Prefabrication Opportunities & Improve Communication with Fabrication

12:00 pm Lunch (East Coast/ Central) / Networking (Mountain/ Pacific)

1:00 pm Establishing an Effective Work in Progress Quality Checking System to Avoid Overlooked Errors

1:30 pm Analyzing which Tools are Most Effective to Enable a Smooth MultiPartner BIM Creation

2:00 pm Panel: Detailing Best Practice for Communication Between Modelers & the Field

2:30 pm Case Study: Making the Case for Effective In-House BIM Training

3:30 pm Lunch (Mountain & Pacific) / Networking (East Coast & Central)

4:30 pm Audience Discussion: Improving Design Efficiency & Constructability Through Clash Detection & Quality Control Process

5:00 pm Maximizing the Benefits of BIM by Encouraging Enthusiastic In-house Buy-in

  • Ben Misikin Preconstruction Manager , Pieper Electric

5:30 pm Full Scope BIM Estimation, Utilizing Modern Tools and Technologies to Accurately Estimate Modeling, Construction Administration and Reduce Waste


• Reviewing what information must be considered for a reliable estimate?
• Establishing a project workflow to ensure consistency with estimates
• A look at technologies to improve communication and estimation based on prefab and field capabilities

6:00 pm Closing Discussion: Highlighting Lessons Learned & Actions from the Conference

6:30 pm Mountain & Pacific Networking

7:30 pm End of Conference